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Filling Out Tax Form

Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC)

Were you Self-Employed during 2019, 2020 and/or 2021? You may be eligible for up to $32,220 in tax credits!


An average business with a high level website and/or funnel will increase:

+85% Brand awareness

+70% Higher Google Search Ranking

+69% Reputation & Authority

+55% Referral Traffic


We’re a Web Design & Consulting Agency that works with individuals and brands focused on leading their industries and communities towards a better future.

Research shows you have less than 7 seconds to capture a visitor's attention when they land on your website or social media profiles. We know the value of having online platforms that reflect professionalism and credibility.


We believe that with our creative & innovative approach to Web Design & Business Development, we will help your business nurture traffic on your website and social profiles which will lead to an increase in sales over time.

Business Conference

Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC)

You may be eligible for up to $32,220 in Tax Credits from 2020 & 2021. 


The SETC is a specialized tax credit designed to provide support to self-employed individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. It acknowledges the unique challenges faced by those who work for themselves, especially during times of illness, caregiving responsibilities, quarantine, and related circumstances. This credit can be a valuable resource for eligible individuals to help bridge financial gaps caused by unforeseen disruptions. See if you qualify, risk-free!

Filling Out Tax Form
Website Design

Website Design +
E-Commerce Store

The internet throughout the last 10 years, and in 2021 in particular, has simplified transactions for millions of buyers and sellers, which in turn, poured trillions of dollars into the e-commerce industry. We put high emphasis on setting up an online store where your business can smoothly accept payments and create a smooth customer experience which in turn, will result in sales and conversions.

Starting at $2,500 USD

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Responsive Website

Website Design & Sales Funnels

29% of small businesses don't have a website. Websites are regularly named as the most effective marketing channel for small to medium sized businesses. That's where we step in. We will create a website or sales funnel for your business that will catch your visitor's attention and is optimized for sales and conversions. Without a strong web presence, you are missing out on one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with established customers and attract new ones. Get a website created today.

Website Design starting at $1,500 USD

Sales Funnel Build starting at $1,000 USD

Motor Boat

World Class Connect

Introducing your World Class Luxury Concierge. We specialize in luxury yacht charters in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, as well as International charters. We have access to the largest yacht fleet in South, FL.


Perfect for Miami Yacht Charters, our team is here to help you plan your luxury yacht charter experience.

Continue scrolling and dive into the fleet we can offer to service your special event and allow us the honor of facilitating your absolute best charter experience.

Business Meeting


We are a dedicated team, on a mission to help your business grow. With a solidified online foundation, we can help you maximize sales & conversions.

At World Class Digital, we strive for the absolute best. To build not only perfectly curated articles or a beautifully designed website but an online foundation that'll separate your business from competitors in your industry. 


We specialize in the art of Digital Branding, which is a harmony of various online components working together, with one ultimate goal in mind: to bring visitors to your website consistently and have them purchase your product or service. 


And it all starts here. Together, we are proud to collaborate with entrepreneurs and business owners just like you. Whether you're a new business or experiencing newfound growth, from Web Design, to Social Media Marketing, our experienced team has you covered on all fronts.

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Contact Us

Let us be the solution to your business' digital needs and together, we'll help bring your business' online presence to the top! 

What do you get by reaching out?


  • You will receive our Brochure which Includes detailed information about the service(s) you inquired about. 

  • Brochure includes FAQ's, package details, pricing & our processes. 

  • Once you review the brochure, you can choose the package you're interested in and submit it to our team!

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