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Discover New York's top digital agency.


We’re changing the way Business Owners think about their online presence.

Research shows you have less than 7 seconds to capture a visitor's attention when they land on your website or social media profiles. We know the value of having online platforms that reflect professionalism and credibility.


We execute our work with customer experience in mind. This, along with our creative & innovative design, will help your business nurture traffic on your website and social profiles which will lead to an increase in sales over time.

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We deliver exceptional services to business owners & entrepreneurs across the United States.



29% of small businesses don't have a website. Websites are regularly named as the most effective marketing channel for small to medium sized businesses. That's where we step in. We will create a website or sales funnel for your business that will catch your visitor's attention and is optimized for sales and conversions. Without a strong web presence, you are missing out on one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with established customers and attract new ones. Get a website created today.

Website Design starting at $1,500 USD

Sales Funnel Build starting at $1,000 USD

Responsive Website
Website Design
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The internet throughout the last 10 years, and in 2021 in particular, has simplified transactions for millions of buyers and sellers, which in turn, poured trillions of dollars into the e-commerce industry. We put high emphasis on setting up an online store where your business can smoothly accept payments and create a smooth customer experience which in turn, will result in sales and conversions.

Starting at $2,500 USD

Social Media Marketing


Our Social Media Management team helps you grow your brand by managing the content you provide us. From Instagram to Facebook, a strong Social presence has the power to reach millions of potential customers for your business. Our services will allow you to focus on the important daily operations that will continue moving your business forward. We manage: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Pinterest.

Starting at $750 USD/mo

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We provide both content creation and management of content across nearly all social media platforms. We create full tailored content for your business. We make a content schedule and get started on creating your tailored content. You, just sit back and watch us do our best work! Many business owners use high quality graphics promoting their products and services in a visually dynamic way. It's no surprise, as our eyes are trained to engage with content that is visually appealing. 

Starting at $2,000 USD/mo

Content Creation
Digital Ads


We run highly effective paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Google, including the most advanced ad targeting available. Get hot leads with our lead generation system. There is no setup fee. All packages are priced “all-in”. This includes ad-spend, setup fees, and maintenance fees. You will receive detailed reports at the end of every month that highlight campaign spend and results.

E-commerce/Branding Ads starting at $3,000 USD/mo

Lead Generation Ads starting at $3,500 USD/mo

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We are a dedicated team, on a mission to help your business grow. With a solidified online foundation, we can help you maximize sales & conversions.

At World Class Digital, we strive for the absolute best. To build not only a beautifully designed website but an online foundation that'll separate your business from competitors in your industry. 


We specialize in the art of Digital Branding, which is a harmony of various online components working together, with one ultimate goal in mind: to bring visitors to your website consistently and have them purchase your product or service. 


And it all starts here. Together, we are proud to collaborate with entrepreneurs and business owners just like you. Whether you're a new business or experiencing newfound growth, from Web Design, to Social Media Marketing, our experienced team has you covered on all fronts.

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Let us be the solution to your business' digital needs and together, we'll help bring your business' online presence to the top! 

What do you get by reaching out?


  • You will receive our Brochure which Includes detailed information about the service(s) you inquired about. 

  • Brochure includes FAQ's, package details, pricing & our processes. 

  • Once you review the brochure, you can directly choose a package you're interested in and submit it to our team!

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